Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ode to 010

Beginning of 010 my boy said "lets get it in"

And boy did I do just that I left all caution to the wind
I spoke to people I would have not and did the things I said I wouldn't
Took some trips I long forgot and linked with people that I shouldn't
I traveled places I always wanted and met some folks I wont forget
I smile at the memories not ill gotten and laugh at text messages that were sent
A few regrets I admit I own but much more triumphs Id say I have
From the past year that I let loose and frankly didn't give a damn
I muse over nights long spent with laughter with the ones that I hold dear
And days on beaches with just one that held me close and left no fear
Trips taken without plan or much forethought and often set upon alone
Drinks held high in cities I dreampt of and the pictures Ive never shown
My tears of confusion and feelings of slight that I worked to let go of
Encountering people with ill will and might that I care not to mention of
So many discoveries of self I've made and none of which I care to trade
I smile with moments of mistakes for the lessons that I have braved
I know more of who hold me dear and ones that never really did
Recall the stories that I would hear of the ones that thought they knew just how I lived
Planted seeds to watch them grow knowing all along the guise
Listened to the rumors grow and giggled at how their so unwise
I took note of times of need when no one was there to be found
And others when there should be greed and still we fell off in the crowd
Im so amused as I write this at how my year it did turn out
For through it all I do know this I would have taken no other route
See the point of life is this- not to live it for what others think
To make mistakes just for yourself for someone always waits for your ship to sink
And people will always point and stare and make remarks based on their truth
And convince themselves somehow that they are above the same reproof
I pay homage to 2010 the year I set upon just for myself
I have gained so much this year I am astonished at my wealth
I stepped into this new year knowing that I am perfectly me
And happy to say firm and true I dont' care who disagrees
With the choices that I've made or the ones I still have yet
For I have learned to acclimate myself in times I may regret
I could write a nice long book just based on this year alone
Some people would judge its nooks but who are they to call it wrong
So farewell to my dear year the one that opened up its doors
To me and all my lessons clear and made way for so much more
And hello still to this new year with more adventures that I will not tell
The ones I'll share with some and others alone into I'll sail
2010 I said #DontJudgeMe but this year who gives a damn
For the only real judge knows me for who and what I really am!