Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What happened to making love?

So I love rap music, not really the type to sit back and listen to love songs and vibe as much as to some rap music. Give me some outkast,UGK,Wayne (yes Wayne),scarface... the list goes on. And I like sex...A LOT. I like rough sex, sweet sex,slow sex, fast sex, sex with food, hair pulling, ass slapping ALL off that. But this music got people fucked up! Men please listen to me... there comes a time when you need to slow it down sometime. At least with the chick that's not just a ho to you. Kiss her, caress her, lick her. And not just quick either. Stroke when you touch respond to her body as it reacts to the feeling of your touch. Listen to her moans as you gently kiss her all over her body. When you are licking her take time to taste her. Do the things you want, take pride in making her enjoy the way you make her feel and ecstasy that you are bringing her to. Sex is an experience. Its all good to "beat it up" as a matter of fact beating it up can be amazing, but balance yourself in you intimacy. Find out how you make her feel, you will learn more about what makes you feel good and how and what you want. Move within a rhythm and move your body in away that is so fluid that it moves crescendo closer and closer through the peak and back again. Understand that your masculinity is inherent so you can always soften your approach and your stroke. Trust me the reciprocity that you will encounter will show you that you are the Man.... who knows she may tell everyone.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A moment for eternity

Hold me and kiss me, make me know that I am special, let your flowers precede your hello and compliments antedate your criticism. And do this for all time, remember Im exceptional in my ampleness, appreciate my value and love my imperfections. Adore my being from inside out and make love to my soul for the years to come. Breath me and I will inhale you. We will only release when our final breathes are exhausted. Need me.... just try me out for size.

Are we Serious?

I am not usually one to address political issues or anything that may evoke a sense of political conversation. But I have to talk about illegal immigrants. So I have had ideas all over the spectrum on this one an admittedly many of them derived from pure ignorance and bias. Well I was speaking to someone whom I really respect and they were speaking of a mission trip they took deep into Mexico. Past the tourist spots and where water is present much less clean. She spoke about poverty that is completely unimaginable. She spoke about them having to travel miles by foot to go were there is running water for a shower that they had to pay for. Living in card board homes and starving beyond words, infested with decease. I began to ask myself how is there even a conversation or any animosity with anyone who puts on their grinding hat and do what ever it takes to improve. Really how can we not be reminded of the fact this glorious land on which we have built the"land of the free" is not, was not and will never be "ours". By ours I mean Americans all together. We live in a land soaked in blood and deception, consequences and falsehoods. Have we redeemed ourselves? NO! We just have faded into black and took facts and memories of truth with us. So once again who am I to judge a  man coming from a place like that and his efforts legal or not (remembering how the land was acquired, sustained and maintained in the first place). Lets take a look at what it took for black men to get he right to vote, eat in any restaurant, not be called boy or even just be allowed to own his own property. There was illegal action involved in the aide that was given to the cause.Not because the laws were adequate or represented the best interest of the "land of the free" but because it supported certain groups. I find that we are addressing this same issue as we look at the immigration laws. I do not have a definitive thought on this matter nor am I able to articulate fully my ideas on the subject. I just really needed to make the correlations that Ive been contemplating for a week now. I know there are many factors to be considered but at the end of the day... what is right is right. #ThatIsAll

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Race relations

So what is race relations any way.... that is a question I have been asking myself lately. Its hard to have a definitive answer to that. I mean what is race any way? I am "bi racial" black and white so why are people surprised when I hang with my "white" friends? A friend of mine said that Im light enough to pass for white but Im so hood no one would fall for it.... So after this last D&D hosted by @sociallifeavl I have been talking and thinking a lot about racial unity and how to attain it. And even how to define the word race. I feel that we are all a part of a whole of a community. I know there are differences in people from different cultures but culture is more socioeconomically and geographical. If I grew up in the projects my mannerisms, thoughts, behavior and experiences are derived  from that. There for my tendencies are going to be to gravitate towards those people. I am comfortable with them and want to be accepted and that is whom I would feel would embrace me with no questions asked. But I can say that I have forged some relationships with people that I just wouldn't have gotten to know if I weren't in a situation to be out of that comfort zone understanding that there is more out there and I can have fun with anyone and experience different things in life. I am happy to do things with people that do not share my views, experiences or understand some of my slang. Just as I enjoy being around people that just understand how it feels to come from the situations I have and that I can have a conversation with without having to explain my verb age to. Basically I like building new relationships, no matter how long they may last or if they end up not turning out so well. It is hard to accept the fact that we are all one if we have been raised to believe that there is a natural separation. So I just feel that we all just need work on our relationships period.. starting with yourself and your family then you can open up with other people from different background with different sexual, religious,political, etc beliefs. We are able to learn and grow from one another and THAT makes us whole!

Monday, August 9, 2010


So I am on the West Coast for the first time ever. I am staying on a Marine base so there are a lot of families here and men (I love men). Any way I love to talk to people and find out about them as individuals. I was talking to folks about their lives, travels, family and things that they hold dear to them. I have found that humans all have the nature to self protect or "make the best" out of whatever situation. Only a few couoples declared great love for one another... most spoke of the "best option" and things not being "that bad" or "could be worse". I began thinking... what is better? being single, a single parent or person or having someone to be better off financially and not to be lonely. I was talking to a woman and telling her that she was so blessed to have such a great husband, he helped with the kids, cooked, doted on her, didn't look at other women, very nice looking. She was not really happy with him, she complained about small things- the food was weird, the baby was screaming too much etc... she frowned a lot and made comments that cut him down. She is not happy but will not leave. While sitting on the beach I was thinking about my loneliness, I have male "prospects" but I can't allow them to get too close.. I have a lot to get together for myself before a committed relationship can be on the horizon. But I am lonely, I want a man to wake up to, to cook and clean for, to hold, rub, make love to, argue with, have make up sex with, to do things with my children, be there for when he is in need, to thank for taking out the trash, to struglle with, to scratch his head... and the list goes on. I feel better with one man (guess thats why I stay in relationships). But for the first time in my life I am working on my progression because I deserve to have a husband that loves me and he will deserve to have me love him. So I realized sitting there with tears running down my cheeks that it may be a while but I will have what I want and need. I will not settle. I do not feel that I am the nagging type and I honestly feel that men need to have their ego attended to and get upset when I see women take for granted what they have. So to never be that woman I must not take what is in front of me just because it is the one there the longest... not this time. And not even me being "in love with him" will cause me to deal with anything that is beneath me. I'll continue to solo trips, nights alone and distant dates where nothing will progress until I am ready because I know that I will get all that I deserve and want! Love all..........