Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What happened to making love?

So I love rap music, not really the type to sit back and listen to love songs and vibe as much as to some rap music. Give me some outkast,UGK,Wayne (yes Wayne),scarface... the list goes on. And I like sex...A LOT. I like rough sex, sweet sex,slow sex, fast sex, sex with food, hair pulling, ass slapping ALL off that. But this music got people fucked up! Men please listen to me... there comes a time when you need to slow it down sometime. At least with the chick that's not just a ho to you. Kiss her, caress her, lick her. And not just quick either. Stroke when you touch respond to her body as it reacts to the feeling of your touch. Listen to her moans as you gently kiss her all over her body. When you are licking her take time to taste her. Do the things you want, take pride in making her enjoy the way you make her feel and ecstasy that you are bringing her to. Sex is an experience. Its all good to "beat it up" as a matter of fact beating it up can be amazing, but balance yourself in you intimacy. Find out how you make her feel, you will learn more about what makes you feel good and how and what you want. Move within a rhythm and move your body in away that is so fluid that it moves crescendo closer and closer through the peak and back again. Understand that your masculinity is inherent so you can always soften your approach and your stroke. Trust me the reciprocity that you will encounter will show you that you are the Man.... who knows she may tell everyone.

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