Friday, September 10, 2010

All of

I have been getting a lot of calls and texts about things I put on twitter and the trending topics I go in on. I come from a small town and have been in a relationship for many years and therefor focused in the house and on kids. But I am out now, YES I go out, say ALL kinds of crazy things out of mouth, on fb or even twitter. I wont go into the whole "I am grown" thing but I will say that we all have many sides and avenues as to where and when we express them. I can tweet about giving head until my jowls hurt if I want to because that is what I have chosen to do. If you feel that it somehow degrades me as a woman then so be it. I am sure that your opinion on the matter is one that I do not even want much less need. I have a sneaky suspicion that you yourself have a bit too much to be covered with a tarp going on with you. Also know that I am able to conduct myself as an intelligent lady, outstanding student, supportive wife, loving mother, strong head of house as well as a complete and total freak. If you feel I am going for the "head Dr.Title" then go ahead and hand it over. I certainly know that people will talk and opinions are just like assholes and everyone has one so I am not trippin on that. I am trippin because who stops people to show tweets? Who takes their time to pull up my tweets and show them to anyone? I can't even imagine wasting  second out of my life to engage in such behavior. But you can all keep it up, print them out and make all speculation your little heart may desire in the mean time the next TT is #TheHeadDoctorAwardGoesTo...................... @drewnmit   ;-)  I absolutely Love All

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  1. I totally agree with you..these social media forums are basically an individuals journal of thoughts, ideas, etc.etc. I believe that if a person doesn't like your book, they need not rea dit..not display and showcase what they don't like to others..that to me would mean they like ti and thus relate in some way..but there are those that use these forums to admire from afar a persons will and ability to say the random out outrageous..because they lack the courage to. Freedom of Speech onyl applies if you have something (anything) to actually say! V...and ummm...why I can't 'select profile' name and URl?! (