Monday, September 27, 2010

Bits and pieces.........

I have so many thoughts right now so here they are........

I wanna love again but Im blinded by hurt right now

Trying not 2 b bitter but the pain has me feeling so foul.......
I wink my eye n lick my lips

you rub my thighs working up my hips
If I tell you yes come take your time
every second counts wonder if you could be mine...

be careful what u say n

aware of what u do
when others pretend they know
understand they probably believe it too
there things we dont yet know
...even more we wont discover
rely on what has proven itself
Lend no creadance 2 any other

I want it I do but I need it even more

I have 2 have my needs met if Im going 2 explore
It may seem selfish or even a bit brash
I hold to expectations cuz my heart cant handle the thrash
step back n reconsider cause my world revolves round me
...If that makes u uncomfortable here is not where u need 2 be
Not sayin this 4 effect or 2 force ur hand in any way
Just showin u my perspective just in case there is a "some day"

suprise me,

show me something new
dont fret over competiion
make me be all about you..#ImJustSayin

If my methods offend u

n my ambition u despise
pause n consider this
we all r enjoyin the same ride
dont scrutinize my moves
...or investigate non truths
shhhh... how about I just keep on doing me
and you can just keep on doing you......... ;-)

Breath on my back,

fingertips on my thighs,
arms embracing tight,
I love everything you try

 I cry tears of acid yet Im never burned,cant be sad any more just many Ive learned........

Blow me kisses n I promise to catch them, be my security and I promise to fall, send me flowers n I promise to melt, love me unconditionally and I promise to keep our promise.

 I anticipate your embrace and encourage your release come and step with me baby and the rest we shall see............... ;-)

Hold me and kiss me, make me know that I am speacial, let ur flowers precede ur hello and compliments antedate ur criticism. And do this 4 all time, remember Im exceptional, appreciate my value and love my imperfections. Adore my being from inside out and make love to my soul 4 the years to come. Breath me and I will i...nhale u. We will only release when our final breathes r exhausted. Need me just try me out 4 size.

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