Sunday, August 29, 2010

Race relations

So what is race relations any way.... that is a question I have been asking myself lately. Its hard to have a definitive answer to that. I mean what is race any way? I am "bi racial" black and white so why are people surprised when I hang with my "white" friends? A friend of mine said that Im light enough to pass for white but Im so hood no one would fall for it.... So after this last D&D hosted by @sociallifeavl I have been talking and thinking a lot about racial unity and how to attain it. And even how to define the word race. I feel that we are all a part of a whole of a community. I know there are differences in people from different cultures but culture is more socioeconomically and geographical. If I grew up in the projects my mannerisms, thoughts, behavior and experiences are derived  from that. There for my tendencies are going to be to gravitate towards those people. I am comfortable with them and want to be accepted and that is whom I would feel would embrace me with no questions asked. But I can say that I have forged some relationships with people that I just wouldn't have gotten to know if I weren't in a situation to be out of that comfort zone understanding that there is more out there and I can have fun with anyone and experience different things in life. I am happy to do things with people that do not share my views, experiences or understand some of my slang. Just as I enjoy being around people that just understand how it feels to come from the situations I have and that I can have a conversation with without having to explain my verb age to. Basically I like building new relationships, no matter how long they may last or if they end up not turning out so well. It is hard to accept the fact that we are all one if we have been raised to believe that there is a natural separation. So I just feel that we all just need work on our relationships period.. starting with yourself and your family then you can open up with other people from different background with different sexual, religious,political, etc beliefs. We are able to learn and grow from one another and THAT makes us whole!

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