Monday, August 30, 2010

Are we Serious?

I am not usually one to address political issues or anything that may evoke a sense of political conversation. But I have to talk about illegal immigrants. So I have had ideas all over the spectrum on this one an admittedly many of them derived from pure ignorance and bias. Well I was speaking to someone whom I really respect and they were speaking of a mission trip they took deep into Mexico. Past the tourist spots and where water is present much less clean. She spoke about poverty that is completely unimaginable. She spoke about them having to travel miles by foot to go were there is running water for a shower that they had to pay for. Living in card board homes and starving beyond words, infested with decease. I began to ask myself how is there even a conversation or any animosity with anyone who puts on their grinding hat and do what ever it takes to improve. Really how can we not be reminded of the fact this glorious land on which we have built the"land of the free" is not, was not and will never be "ours". By ours I mean Americans all together. We live in a land soaked in blood and deception, consequences and falsehoods. Have we redeemed ourselves? NO! We just have faded into black and took facts and memories of truth with us. So once again who am I to judge a  man coming from a place like that and his efforts legal or not (remembering how the land was acquired, sustained and maintained in the first place). Lets take a look at what it took for black men to get he right to vote, eat in any restaurant, not be called boy or even just be allowed to own his own property. There was illegal action involved in the aide that was given to the cause.Not because the laws were adequate or represented the best interest of the "land of the free" but because it supported certain groups. I find that we are addressing this same issue as we look at the immigration laws. I do not have a definitive thought on this matter nor am I able to articulate fully my ideas on the subject. I just really needed to make the correlations that Ive been contemplating for a week now. I know there are many factors to be considered but at the end of the day... what is right is right. #ThatIsAll

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