Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The thing that he was doing now was one of her favorite things about him. Well you could even say sexiest. The funny thing is he doesn't even know what he's doing. And it is so unique to him so there is no way anyone else could memic it. Its that side glance, yep that's it- just a glance cut between the two lids of his dark eyes that showed her that he was marveling in her beauty at that moment and that made her want him to explore her. He scans her with his eyes too and that makes her feel as if there were tiny fingers tapping lightly on her skin in all the areas that he looked. She knew just how good that touch could be. The first time she felt it was simple. He touched her on the small of her back one night on a crowded street. And as he did she turned her head and saw that look. She was turned on even then, even before she knew of how great he was going to be. Even after the time that had passed since that first touch when she recieved it again she knew that was going to have to taste him. There is something about that touch, the touch a man gives when he is being pleased thoroughly. Its a balance between gentleness and force,pleasure and pain and the balance between being in control and being controlled. So the first time she was able to get him alone she was aware of the fact that she would have to taste his cum and she made sure that she did. Remembering that night made her aware that she was ready to succomb to his look. To the feeling that the look conjured up inside her. She slit her eyes back at him and slide into the floor onto her knees. She bent herself forward and crawled over to her destination of desire. It only took three strides of knee hand alternations to reach her goal and as she did her right hand moved up his right thigh and down his gym shorts until it met with his warm full cock. She could barely wait to have him in her mouth so she pushed the top to his shorts back with her wrist and let her lips close around the head of his full and growing member. As soon as he was all of the way in her mouth she freed her hand and pulled his shorts down so that she could enjoy the act that she was getting ready to engage in. She hasn't been able to look up at him yet and she wanted to- almost needed to. The look that he gets in his eyes as she strokes his dick with her tongue, hand lips erouses her and she touches herself between her legs feeling her warm, wet pussy and stroking herself slowly. So she glances up at him know and he is looking down at her, their eyes meet and she baths in the sexuality that his look showers over her. She pushes him to the back of her throat and allowed him to open it up her throat fully. She knows how he likes it and knows that she can bring him to climax in a matter of minutes if she wanted to but not now.... she had other plans right now. She teased his dick with her tongue, lips and throat. She moaned on his huge dick and as his throbbing dick pulsated in her mouth she continued to stroke herself. Just as he grabbed her head into his hand and pulled her hair into his fist she pulls herself up and immediately mounts his dick and begins moving her hips in any and all directions. She'd lift herself up to the head and sway her hips while her pussy grabs him and she pushes herself all of the way back down.He lifted himself off of the couch and inside her several times so forcefully she gaspes in ecstacy. She rolled her back to make her ass follow suit. He reached up with both hands and pulled at her hair and she came that instant. He pulles his fore arms in around her back and fucked her back, as she was unable to move or resist. His stroke caused her to cum so hard this time her body went limp right in his arms and as his dick was washed with her cum she felt him explode inside her. At that moment they both sat limp, wanting more and needing a minute to catch their breath......

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