Friday, December 3, 2010


So I call she to find out when to visit the bestie and the baby. I get an obscure answer that she and the baby isn't in the room or available. So this is the woman that was there with me through all of my births, went to Dr. appointments, helped me through any and all issues that Ive had in my life in the past 18 years. When my childrens father wasn't there she was and he wasn't there A LOT. So needless to say I jumped out of bed, ran out of the house and up to the hospital. I didnt know what was wrong or if anything was wrong at all but this is my sis. I love her and if anything ever happened to her or any of the kids I would die! So Im speeding, running lights, etc......  I run through the hospital and up the steps and am panicing. I  am not the type of person that gets panicked easily but I just didnt' know what was going on with the people that mean so much to me in my life. I find out all is well and go to see her and my heart returns to a regular rate and I look at her. I realize I need her in my life. Not to just be there for me, I need to be there for her. She is a half of me I can't go without. I met her when I was 11 yrs old in 6th grade at a time in my life when I was not feeling like anyone understood me. We shared a connection and she was so non judgemental. I am part of her family and she mine. People constantly talk about how our friendship is so amazing and admirable. I agree.... today I pictured my life without her and my heart stopped. I lost motivation and I was so sad to think anything would happen to this woman. I am sitting in her hospital room thanking God that I am so blessed. I have a friend, I can call her a friend and know that she will always be a friend to me even  when I do not deserve a friend at all. Thank You Misty G for being you and allowing me to be me! I love you, you are an example to me of how I should and can be as a woman! I am blessed....

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