Sunday, November 14, 2010


I wrote myself a letter last night while lying in the dark
I wrote it all about all the reasons Im falling apart
A long letter I wrote filled with the things that I regret
Things I've done before and things I havent done yet
I cried upon my letter I smiled upon its glories
I hugged myself tight and I let the letter take my worries
My letter screamed back at me things I didn't want to learn
It yelled out and accosted me with things I've never heard
I never slept a wink never once enjoyed a slumber
I wanted to lie still and let the night take away my blunders
But sleep it did not come and reprieve I did not find
I was stuck within some dark place found only in my mind
I tried to crawl from under the dark cloud of my creation
As I pulled myself up slowly from the decent of my personal invasion
I clawed at images of trust lost and hurt too deep to speak of
I thrust and tore at walls I built up in defense from all that was
Within this war I created from my past that invades my present
I realized my growth was inevitable and abreast with my thoughts decent
My eyes,they began to fall and my letter it was transformed
From the harshness of desire lost to a soul that is reformed.
My letter was a beautiful one drenched so heavily with tears
No more worries were found within it and there too was no more fears
And scrawled out on the bottom in letters scratched out as if written without light
Was a P.S written to myself that said I love you January, goodnight...........
I wrote myself a letter last night while lying in the dark.

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