Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our moments in time

This mans fingers are magic and his thrust amazing and full
His mouth fell upon mine and from within I felt a pull
A pull that was deep and too fundamental to deny
I knew it was not love but that feeling still makes me sigh
A delight of lust not lost and a fire impossible to quench
This can last all night and each night and day and forever hence
Rapture of the body physical from somewhere at its core
A grinding of desires creating a melody heard no more
If together we create a whirlwind full of all this passion
Can we hold it from the world dull the light as if its ashen?
Or would all see as my skin reacts to your presence as you pass me?
Or realize that between us is found way too much to actually be seen?
I can't say that I care to think of how others may react
If they saw us sprawled out within one another exposing just how we attract
How we move within a rhythm that has yet to be set
And know the secret place where we go without regret
With those finger tips of magic and the mouth so soft and full
And the thrust that fulfills my need and the hips that push and pull
I find full exhaust and amazing trepidation
You make me want you more and more at this point you're my expectation
So let me wrap myself around you and delight within with this grind
Let me fantasize about these sensations that we have created in our moments in time.

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