Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Pulling out my chair, opening up doors
looking longingly in my eyes
and I wait
He says all of the right things
smiles at me when I enter the room
and still I wait
Morning texts to say hello beautiful
check in texts throughout the day
yet I wait
secure as a man
strong in his beliefs
so why do I wait
The other shoe is bound to drop
Everything starts out great
One day soon I will see
For that I wait
To see what is not perfect
know what I think I do
see what he's scared to show
Any I wait
But what if Im stalling
waiting in vain
so I self destruct
self destruct....while I wait
I want what we all seem to want
love that is true and full
I want to be the thing that makes all worth while
For that I wait
I know that I'm unsure
no control is what I fear
I want to let go
For have to wait

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