Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For you I will be

He says Im too much woman  
     But what the fuck does that mean?
Am I to be a threat to you 
     when I am showing you what I woman can be?
I will stand up for my man
     and be support to the children I bear.
I'll love you for the man you are
     and support you as you're on your journey there.
I can bear the weight of the world
     it seems at times thats what Im doing
I will tell you if Im unsure
     and support the goals you are pursuing
I'll pay the bills and clean the house
    and show you you're the man in our bedroom
I will work to stay looking nice
    a soft body for your attention to swoon.
I will rub your back and kiss your face
   and lick the places that taste so nice
It's my desire to please you 
   and support my home at any price
I would like a strong male to help 
   but can do it all without a man
I will do my best to allow you to
   and let you know I want you even though "I can"
Even if you think I am too much
   and to be with me is too large a challenge
I'm unable to do less than all I've always done
   even if my will to you seems strange
Miya Angelou spoke of being a woman
   and doing it phenomenally
I take that all to heart
   and will be the best woman I can be
I understand that it can be scary
   and there is no way to know what's next
Let me assure you this;
   I am "woman" and can stand the test.
But if I choose you as my man
   I'll concede to let you show me you can be the man for me
I will expect your best and you all
   that I have and hope you re ready to receive
So if you are willing
   or in the least bit ready to try
I want us to do this for real
   and not wait for time to pass us by.


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