Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What are we without it?

So do all men and women deserve respect?

I am a bit undecided about this one...... I mean I love men, I think they all are amazing and have at the very least the potential to be, do and achieve great things.

But we all know how they are perceived now a days, how they tend to act (I am speaking generally) and even though I am speaking generally the fact of the matter is the bulk of men that women tend to encounter;either by chance or bad "searching skills". I mean if you're in the bar,club or another woman's house looking for your man then you will get what that environment has to offer. But no matter how you come in contact with the man that has hurt you beyond words it is hard to open up and trust another. They all seem pretty hopeless sometime, dawgs,liars,schemers,cheaters,abusers.... and the list goes on.
 But no matter what I love men! Because for all of the wrong that men may do they do sooooo much right. They comfort us when the world seems to be too much to bear, they protect us when we feel there is no one there to help, they are our companions, supporters,lovers,captivating help meet. They are what we can't be.

So yes they deserve respect. That is my assertion.

Now women.... I am one so a bit biased but lets be honest, we play ourselves a lot.
We try to prove so much that we can do all that men do so we often cut men off by being overly independent, we nag, we try to have sex like men many times not considering our own worth, we take nude pictures for men who do not care to know our name, strip in clubs, have sex in videos, fight in clubs,curse on social network,have sex with each others man,defy friendships for a mans touch, nag for hardly no reason, down grade ourselves and one another then live lonely when we realize there is not much else left.

But come on now, a woman- a woman supports her man through hurt, loss and poverty, she cooks, cleans, bears kids, makes love, she is able to make the money, go to school, dry her and your tears, love fully and unconditionally,bandage the cuts,kiss the bruises,lets you know you are a man, and if need be do it all in you absence.
Sometimes I myself and amazed at the things we can endure just as I am enduring them I am stunned that I can stay yes we deserve respect, all of the time!

There is so much we all do wrong and so many ways we should improve. In no way could any of us reach our full potential without one another. We need one another, males need females (no matter your sexual orientation) so out of this all we need to give what is deserved and not necessarily what individual actions ask of you. We all deserve respect, once we have established it within ourselves it is nothing to give to others.

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