Monday, October 18, 2010

Mit Mit

What does it mean to have a friendship? I have had relationships with people that I consider my "people" but I have only had 2 females that I consider friends and really only one that I could say has been there for me even when I haven't deserved it. She and I have been friends for 18 years and she is such a supportive person, she is just amazing. Our birthdays are 3 days apart and we perceive things in much the same light. I do not have to explain my "extra-ness" to her. She just gets me and she is honest with me, she would never approach my man in any way and she loves me. I love her too, she is my sister. Any way I have been observing how few women have that kind of relationship. We are very blessed to have one another. I know that she values me as well. So of course me being me I wrote a poem for her.

If I am to have a soul mate then she is my best friend
When I met her she understood me when not many people can say they can
There are situations in our life that I doubt we will forget
Meeting Mit at Asheville middle is the one for me, I bet
Thinking of this crazy girl and how we laugh for hours
We've cried together for no reason and had fish fries through our trials
School woes,driving tests,man problems and child birth we did together
I was crying and asking for her when I gave birth to my first daughter
I smile when I think about how she cut Myrakles cord
We have such a connection I heard her thoughts without her words
She sees the beauty in my craziness and always tells me the truth
I often wonder how I'm so blessed to share such a connection from youth
We don't even see each others boyfriends or step out of line with them
If we see or hear of them doing something with us they must contend
There were times in my life when things just seemed too much to bear
Id call up my girl Mit and end the call laughing til tears
There are only a few people in this world that can hold their own
She is one of them and I am always impressed by the courage that she has shown
When there were troubles on the home front I would call up my guiding light
She has always been there for me without judgement and gives me good insight
She is my sister and my soul mate and we will sure grow old still talking junk
We will raise our kids and make our mistakes until in the ground we are to be sunk
She is so complex that not many people understand her
But I can understand her thoughts and can tell her as they occur
We can look and snicker at a joke that neither of us have said
Its like we have a secret club with a manual that only we read
I have to say again I cherish my Mit dearly
I see her always with me laughing and joking so clearly
I pray that everyone I encounter will find such a friend as Mit
I thank her now and forever for being the person I'm at ease with.
Luh ya my Mit Mit........

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