Thursday, October 14, 2010

I want you!

Tell me how you want it and I'll give it how you need it.
When the time comes for it all you wont have the room to receive it.
Your thoughts will be all mine and your body will not be yours
My touch will be your desire n my tongue what you look for
I can work my hips with thrusts that will surely seem unreal
I will work to stroke you fully and all of me you will feel
Ill taste you will want to taste me back
You can pull my hair and behind me you can smack
If you dream it we can do it and will explore all that you have
I want to wrap myself around you as we share our halves
Tell me when youre ready and I'll show that I'm primed
I'll meet you where you want and we can make a scene outside
I would like to ride you slow and have push yourself real deep
Move in ways I've never felt, come put your girl to sleep

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